Vanishing Badge


Also (not that important) It says I got a link badge but when I go to it, it says I havent earned it

HTML bugs

What was the other problem you had? (badge?)


Yeah I got the first link badge yet it never showed up


That badge?

I don't see it on your profile;


yeah but the notifications said i got it?!



Do you know which topic you got that for?


@jibblyj here is the thing I click on it and it takes me to the badge thing but I can't tell which because it says not earned!!!!! so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#8 I would assume this one since it was his reply 17 hours ago and he had a onebox link it in or whatever its called


yes thank you @bibleman13 !
(pun not intended)
(no pun anymore)


Yeah it is.

I found your problem:

Because it got unlisted, it counts as having never happened. Even though Zeke relisted it, you'll have to re-earn the badge in another post.

Also @systemace03874, please don't say this:

because some people will take offence.


um sorry and ugh about the unlist!


But if your active on this forum then you will get that badge easily honestly I think I use at least one link and one onebox everyday haha so just go about doing your normal stuff and you will get it again! :smiley:


That's not much :laughing:

@systemace03874, @bibleman13 is right;

Don't worry about it, you'll get it again really soon.


wait....... dosen't it count that I linked my not working exercise?