Validation folow up


i posted this question some time back.

when i went to look, i found it was gone!

not sure what to think :frowning:

so i will ask again!


i coded this site before i knew about validation

when i did go to validate, it was ugly

yes… its a MESS and emarasing too!

what happens if i leave the entire code be?

it has worked for year(s?) with only a minor hic up, which resloves itself

does anything bad happen if i do not correctly validate my code?

i am tempted to leave it be…

NEVER had major problem

BTW, if my original post is here, i apologize…

i simply dont see it

please help me out :slight_smile:

thank you!

Hi there.

Your post is still up. (And the one before that :wink: )

I’m not sure what you mean by validate. Do you mean HTML validation through a website like ?

If so, I would recommend making any changes to whatever it highlights. This ensures your HTML follows best practices, is accessible, and is easily read.

If not, could you go into more detail?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply!

yes i mean

i am overwhelmed with so many errors…

like i said, the site has been up for quite a while, no signifcant problems

lets say i leave it as it is now… seems fully functional (that 1 minor issue)
what if i leave it not validated?

does anything bad happen?

seriously, thak you!

Your site works, so you wouldn’t need to fix anything per se.

Look at the errors and ask, “Is this something that could impact the experience of the end user?” If not, then you could leave it as it is. If you’re unsure, Google the error and see what information you can find.

thank you very much!

you have been a help!

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hello again!

quick question i need help with

please see

i see the word “Consider”

what should i do here?

thank you for your time!

On the homepage, there is an area that has <section> commented out.

I don’t think the authenticator sees the comments, just the content. So, if you had something like…

  <p>This is a section of content</p>

The validator would want an <h2>-<h6> heading, because they outline the head or introduction of new sections. This is an accessibility concern, so I would take heed.

However, as mentioned, this is code that is commented out. So you don’t need to worry about it.