UX/UI Design Guidance

Hello All,
I’m currently pursing a career switch from a non-tech related Engineering career to a UX/UI Designer. I’m going to enroll into a UX/UI Bootcamp and go part-time since I have other obligations to do while I’m learning thus but I need your help. I’ve been doing a lot of research and what skills I need and programs I should learn. Are there any free resources, programs, YouTubers, etc… you recommend me following and learning from? I’m going to do the Part-Time bootcamp and learn more on my own through the recommendations you give me.

I’m enrolled in the Front-End Pro Course but now I’m looking into the Web Design course since it seems it aligns more with the type of work I’d like to do and skills I need to learn. Any help is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this and for your reply. :smiley:


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Hi, good luck on your career switch, it’s not an easy decision sometimes !

For UX/UI there is the Google guidelines that can give you some infos on what to do or not depending on the plateform.

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