UX design course

Hello !

I would like to know when the UX design course will be available?

Thank you


Looking at Codecademy’s roadmap here: Codecademy Roadmap, there is an “Intro to UI/UX” course that looks to be coming pretty soon but nothing beyond that unfortunately. If you want, there is a suggestion form linked on that roadmap you could fill out to suggest it as a topic for if you wanted more courses beyond that (of course a suggestion is absolutely no guarantee of a course, but at least they give Codecademy an impression of what would be popular).

I’ve also moved this into the #community:feature-course-requests section of the forums, which is one of the best places for these :slight_smile: .

Happy coding!


Thank you ! I just saw that it’s about to come out in early Spring (mars or April maybe?) !

Have a nice day!

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@rupuxu they just started the beta for this course. View the post about it: Intro to UI and UX Beta


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