Using variable values as answers to prompts in if/else statements which include logical operators, in JavaScript

When I answer the prompts using the values of the variable ‘positive’ (‘yes’,‘absolutely’,‘definitely’) I would like it to print “Great”. However, it prints ‘!!!’ instead (the printed answer for the else statement).

Here is the code in JavaScript:

var positive = (‘yes’,‘absolutely’,‘definitely’)

var answer1 = prompt(“Do you like sport?”);
var answer2 = prompt(“Do you play sport?”);
if(answer1 == positive && answer2 == positive) {
else if (answer1 == positive && answer2 == !positive) {
console.log(“Perhaps you should!”)
else if (answer1 == !positive && answer2 == positive) {
console.log(“Why do you play sport if you don’t like sport?”)
else {

this is not how javascript works, a string which contains yes, absolutely and definitely will never equal a string which contains just a part of the string.

make positive an array, loop over the array to check if the user inputs equals one of the options in your positive array

I’ve made positive an array:

var positive = [‘yes’,‘absolutely’,‘definitely’];

and have created my loop:

for (var i = 0; i < positive.length; i++);

but I’m stuck on how to check if the user input equals one of the options in the array. Any help please

sorry, my mistake. I am so sorry. Javascript has build in support for this:

var positive = 'yes absolutely definitely'
if (positive.includes(answer1) && positive.include(answer2)){
  // do something

you can read more about include here

Thanks a lot. That’s great help!!:grin: