Using the cp comand to move a file from one directory to another directory that is not in the working directory


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Not sure why it wont let me take a file from my working directory and copy it to another directory that in not a child directory of my current working directory. in the file system i’m working in it movies is the parrent directory for historical and biopic. my current working directroy is biopic, and i’m trying to copy the frida.txt file from the biopic directory into the historical directory but it says error “no such file or directory” however i dont get this message when i try to move files into another directory when thats under my current working directory. Anyone have any info they could share with me on this? thanks a lot in advance and sorry i dont know how to use the forum first time using it.

You need to be in the drama directory, so,

cd ..

Now you can perform the file copy.

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