Using SQLite on a Mac: Do I always run queries and SQL through my Terminal App?

Here is the Codeacademy course I’m refering to:

We install SQLite on a mac, and I did that succesfully. But, it’s unclear to me where/how I continue using SQL.

  1. Do I always perform all queries and actions from my terminal window or do I use a separate tool?
  2. The SQLite Databases are then saved to a random folder… Shouldn’t I actually save it in multiple folders based on the project? I guess that’s somthing I just need to decide and then adjust the code and/or just move the file?

For the lessons in the SQL courses you would do them in the CC learning environment. Unless there’s an off-platform project that you can complete it on your computer.
If you wanted to create some databases, or download them to your computer, then you’d open them in the DB Browser for SQLite and create tables. And, yes, each project would have its own folders.



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