Using raw_input mixed with the practice


Hello everyone,
I have a question please give me any idea you think could be helpful for me and thanks in advance.
my question is: How i can get raw_input for days and city in the practice?

Replace this line with your code.


prompt the user, and supply the user input as argument at function:

city = raw_input("where would you like to go? ")
print plane_ride_cost(city)


Thank you so much dear kind stetim94. I tried several ways and all my effort were wrong. I am not sure I understood it or not! I am going to try again based on what you wrote here and will copy my code. Thanks a million and I hope I can find the answer by your kind help


Dear Stetim94, You meant in each function we create, we must ask for raw_input?
for example when we wrote function def distance_of_city(city), and we wrote some if/elif/else for it, then we ask the user to give us data by raw_input?


Dear stetim94, I posted a new topic with the code this time but I am not sure if here we can tag people or not so I didnt know how to tag you there? or I can post my code here or its not allowed, I ma not sure and I hope you could help me more about the topic
thanks a million in advance


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