Using NLP and NLTK

Hey, I’ve been doing the natural language processing skill path and I want to be using the things I’ve learnt in a code editor myself and not necessarily on the Codecademy website editor. I’ve tried using Visual Studio Code and couldn’t find a way to install the NLTK library onto it as well as other libraries. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

NLTK should be available on PyPI and conda too (for anything else have a wee web search but most useful things are already packaged for you). So something along the lines of pip install nltk or conda install nltk would be suitable depending on which you prefer. Have you used either before?

There’s some guidance on the following cc article- or you can search the web for guidance (there’s quite a few around).

You’ll likely want to install some additional bits too (e.g. the part of speech tagger)-