Using ng-repeat to loop through $scope.apps

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Angular. Regarding ng-repeat and its use to loop through $scope.apps in this course, Here’s what I have in my controller:

 $scope.apps = [ { 
    			icon: 'img/move.jpg',
                  	title: 'MOVE',
                   	developer: 'MOVE, Inc.', 
                   	price: 0.99 }, 
                    icon: 'img/shutterbugg.jpg',
                    title: 'Shutterbugg',
                    developer: 'Chico Dusty', 
                    price: 2.99
                  	icon: 'img/forecast.jpg',
                    title: 'Schtick',
                    developer: 'Bannana Sandwich',
                    price: 3.00
                    icon: 'img/forecast.jpg',
                    title: 'Schling',
                    developer: 'Ami Original',
                    price: 4.00

and in my view:

<div class="card" ng-repeat="apps in scope">
          <app-info info="apps"></app-info>

Is my view incorrect when it comes to using ng-repeat? is ‘apps in scope’ correct?

I know in the previous example, the ng-repeat example used ‘product in products’ and I could see a reference to ‘product’ but was unable to find ‘products’. I think I’m getting a bit confused as to the relationship between the two. I kind of get it, that apps is in the scope array(? I think?) but not having been able to see where products was in the previous example confused me about the relationship in the current example that I’m stuck on.

I think the script that checks my work gave up on me because when what I put in showed up as wrong, I went back to the previous course to look at the ng-repeat example and then came back to the current course and it was correct without changing anything.

So I’m confused on that point also and worried that what I’ve put in is wrong because nothing is showing up in the browser when I think there should be something.

I appreciate your expertise and insight!

Hi I too getting the same error and im attaching the screenshot of my issue

Can anyone help me to resolve the issue