Using moduleName.propertyName vs this.propertyName

In the modules exercise, the object we create to represent the module uses the following syntax

const objName = {
  firstPropertyName: firstValue,

 firstMethodName: function() {
   console.log(`The first property's value is ${objName.firstPropertyName}`)

In previous exercises we were taught to that referencing a property within the same object we should use the “this” keyword. So how come in this exercise to reference a property (or method) within the object we use the objects name, i.e. why are we referencing objName.firstPropertyName instead of this.firstPropertyName?

this is within the Workaround Project


I was wondering the same. I ran the code with ‘this’ instead of ‘MessageMixer’ and it runs the same.

My guess would be that the Modules lesson was written by someone who didn’t know if the learner would be acquainted with ‘this’ syntax.