Using JSBin as a practice display page



So, I'm learning Java and sometimes I like to use JSBin as a way to help me see the code in action on display, on something different than the CodeAcademy console. However I noticed there are a few differences that make me feel inadequate in what I'm practicing and studying. For the most part, everything feels the same and it always builds my confidence when I correctly construct some commands, place them on both Code Academy and JS Bin and find that it's all well and good. But sometimes I find that JS Bin wont output certain code. I am using Google Chrome because I'm stuck with a lame Chrome OS laptop and it doesn't seem to let me use anything other than Chrome browser. I mention this because I noticed on JSbin a message about expecting Mozilla firefox. Regardless of this, I just wanted to ask, is it useful to use JS bin as a way to see what works and what doesn't? Or should I rely more on the Code Academy lessons console? Which is more accurate or appropriate? Or should I stick with both for the sake of seeing code on different things? I like using JS Bin but the differences have me a little concerned. I don't want to be tricking myself into doing something in a way that ends up being wrong for most things.



##### nice to know
You could test in
choose Javascript
You will get a split-screen
In the left-hand-side you paste-in your code
click on the Run button.
The right-hand-side is the console

references --> for most respected guide-line in Javascript
like coding convention


google search
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