Using iPad

I’m having difficulties using my iPad to learn. Someone please help, as it won’t show a thing when I type.

ipads wont work you need a computer for it to work

Have you told your browser to ask for the Desktop version of the site?

yeah, it does. But still crap.

That’s sort of how I feel about the whole idea of trying to write code on a tablet. :smile:

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well, but what if I don’t own pc? only ipad… searching ebay for some cheap one ;D

If that is what you have then it is better than not having anything, that’s for sure. For me it comes down to typing speed and tapping accuracy. On tablets I often end up tapping on the thing beside what I’m aiming for.

I think that that is an adult thing. :wink:


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I was doing fine on my computer, but the lessons are so short I thought “this must be designed for millenials” . . . then tried it on my iPad . . . and totally useless. Why design everything in soundbites and then not make it accessible across platforms? Disappointed.

Like we’ve been saying - the site is not designed for mobile devices - and it probably won’t ever be. It doesn’t need to be. Please don’t revive 3 month old topics.

@dewluca if you want to use Codecademy on ipad(not recommended) then select desktop version, older courses like HTML&CSS, jQuery, Javascript, python and PHP will work however the newer courses won’t :slight_smile: