Using index location to find item location in 2D list

If I have a 2D list called “shoe_sizes”

shoe_sizes = [[“Player0”, “Samir”, 8.5], [“Player1”, “Sally”, 5.6]]

and I want to change Player1 shoe size (3rd parameter) how do I call it?

Would it be index[1][2]

Yes, you are correct. To change the shoe size of Player1, you would need to access the element at index [1][2] of the shoe_sizes list. For example, if you want to change it to 6.0, you could write:

shoe_sizes = [["Player0", "Samir", 8.5], ["Player1", "Sally", 5.6]]
shoe_sizes[1][2] = 6.0

The first index [1] chooses the interior list and the second index [2] chooses the value inside

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