Using html editors?


Hello everyone!
I looked at faq topics but did not find a post that would cover this, although i’m pretty sure others have thought about / asked this before; so my apologies if this was covered already, in which case please point me to that discussion :slight_smile:

Do you guys use html editors? or do you actually write your code in notepad?
If you use an editor, which one?

A quick search on google yielded dozens of results that are quite overwhelming for a beginner like me, hence the question:

  • is any of them “better” than the other?
  • Which one(s) are you all using?
  • Is there any particular one that you would recomend for a beginner? or,
  • is there some “quality / trait / option” i should be looking for the editor to have when trying to choose one?
  • any advice you think you can give me / i should know regarding choosing / using an html editor?

Thank you in advance for your time reading / answering this :slight_smile:
Curiously awaiting your replies :slight_smile:



we use text-editors, or sometimes even IDE (intergrated development enviroment), well, as you discovered there a lot. I think atom is really good and free:

its free, open source and many great package

I personally use VIM a lot, but i would advise against using this.


Thank you very kindly! :slight_smile:


Thank you again for your quick response :slight_smile:
I have installed atom and have been using it for a few hours now and indeed it is good for beginners such as myself :slight_smile:

So for any other noob like me, here’s my two cents’ worth:

  • it is extremely easy to install,
  • easy-to-use interface,
  • offers lots of help (ex on syntax, possible comands, closing tags and much much more), external links to more detailed explanation of things… so reeeeaaaaly helpful

It has one minus, as far as I can tell (and again, my experience with it is limited to just a few hours) it’s preview pane is off, as in not working properly. (shows some things / stylings and completely ignores others) It does have an add on of sorts, but even with that is not reliable. So for now i just use atom to actually write / edit the code, save and then refresh my browser to see the changes i’ve made


Many editors don’t even have a preview pane, so yes, quit common to just use a browser

there might be plugins to auto refresh page, but i didn’t find them easy to use.

Yep, its good for beginners and advance users (who can write there own plugins)


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