Using GitHub Credentials in the CommandLine

HI today I started using the command line on MAC (M1) and connecting it with GitHub, however this might be difficult if you follow the regular video because GitHub removed in Aug of 2021 the support for using your password credentials from the command line. This can be solved rather easily by creating a token on GitHub and storing that token in the Keychain app of your Mac. Essentially you create a new password with the credentials of your GitHub account but instead of saving the password you save your token, which you’ll have to update every
now and then.

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You’re right! I ran into that recently myself.

I haven’t looked at the CL course in awhile. So, you’re saying that the content needs to be updated?

Correct, the token itself needs to be updated in GitHub depending on the lifetime you select and then in the Mac Keychain, or you can create a permanent token although GitHub advises against it.

I meant the course content needs to be updated, correct?

Oh! sorry I misunderstood, but yeah updating the content would be great, its the best way to solve this for the entire community

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Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll report it.

Just so I’ve got the right info…you’re speaking about the Learn the CL course, right? Or is it the Learn Git course?

Thank you so much for your attention.
I found it in the Full Stack Engineer Career Path-Git and GitHub Part 1-Introduction to GitHub -Getting started with Git and GitHub.

Sure, no problem!
It might take some time to update the content.
Thank you for catching it. :slight_smile:

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