Using git bash for python?

I’m studying python and took the command line course. now i installed miniconda.
do i still use git bash for things in the lessons or just miniconda?
the commands i’ve learned don’t work in miniconda but i also can’t open Python files in git bash.

does miniconda also have a ‘bash_profile’ sort of file?

Hi there!

The lessons will most likely tell you which one you’ll need to use.

This is because the “Learn the Command Line” course isn’t teaching you commands for working with Miniconda, and because Git Bash isn’t a utility for working with Python files. It’s a bit like saying you can’t open a Word document with MS Paint; the command line interface, whether that’s Git Bash or using conda, is designed for certain tasks and will only understand input that it was designed to accommodate. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! I’m starting to understand it.
so does the command line interface of Anaconda serve another purpose than that of Git Bash?