Using codecademy with a stand alone editor

Is it possible to study code with codecademy while using a stand alone IDE?

What path are you referring to? Is there a project you’re referring to, or do you mean the entire path and not doing the lessons in the CC LE?
Or do you mean do the off-platform projects in a different environment on your own system?

Yes doing the lessons without using the CC LE? What good compliment material goes well with each lesson, especially JavaScript and Java?

I don’t know b/c I’m not fluent in either. Perhaps someone who is can chime in.
To start and if you haven’t already…I would peruse YouTube for JS and Java tutorials.

what about using lessons without CC LE is it possible?

I’m not sure I’m following(?). You can copy your code from the lessons and paste into a code editor and practice on it that way.

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean either, but you would not be able to progress through lessons without completing them in the CC environment. The Next button to move on to the next lesson is inactive until you pass all of the steps in the instructions pane.

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