Using Codecademy to teach unix command line, git, and python

I am teaching a “computer skills for scientists” course in the fall and am looking for materials that my students can use to reinforce what they learn in class. Has anyone used codecademy for this? Any stories?

In particular, I’d like them to learn and practice basic unix command line stuff, and basic git. For the latter, I’d like them to learn github, and use the visual interface.

Also, is there a way for me to see what is covered in codecademy courses without actually walking through the course? I’m looking for materials, not taking courses myself!

Hi @jamesafoster,

If you meant something like browsing all the available courses offered by CC, you can head on here:

Then you can filter it down to something like this through the top interface:

For more details about the course’s syllabus, you will need to click on that particular course and let it registers into your dashboard. Then, from your dashboard:

You can click individually each courses registered in your dashboard to view the overview description and syllabus (which are usually just keywords or concept term).

If you’re asking about looking into each exercises without going through it or completing it, I think there is no viable way to go around this as each exercises is locked and will be unlocked based on the completion of previous chapter.

Hope that help clarifies.

thanks. But this doesn’t help much. For example, the syllabus for learning the unix command line says:

Navigating the system
Viewing and changing the file system
Redirecting input and output
Configuring the environment

(Python and git are similary general) it doesn’t say what commands are covered. The only way I see to get that is to actually walk through the course. But I’m trying to assess whether these courses are good supplements for the course I’m teaching. I can’t take the course to get the information I need, and the syllabus doesn’t have what I need.

That said, the syllabi are very useful to someone taking the course, or thinking about taking it. They just don’t help someone who is already familiar with the material to assess the course content.

Hi @jamesafoster,

I understand your question and concern, maybe others might be able to provide a lead for you. As a normal user, I don’t see any way to get around this or to achieve what you intended for.