Using CodeCademy for Boy Scout Programming Class


Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has used CodeCademy to teach the Boy Scout Merit badge for programming. If so, how did you use it?

The programming merit badge has some specific requirements they must meet for the projects. They must pick an existing program and make a change like adding a new function, debug it and demonstrate the program.

They have to do this with 3 different languages. Is there a way in CodeCademy to provide a pre written program to someone and just have them modify it?


Looking for the above too.


The requirements for the program seem very vague.
The way you’ve described it the badge could be obtained either very easily or with as much difficulty as the instructor wanted.

Analyzing a programmers skill is a difficult thing to do. There is a ton of theories and science behind hiring the best candidates.

The requirements need to be a bit more rigid. IMO it should be like a homework assignment.

Provide the candidate five different problems to solve. They can pick any language for any problem but must solve three problems with three unique languages.

Have the problems be something like
Tic tac toe is a game where…
Write a program that simulates this game

some sort of math related problem

some sort of text processing problem

some sort of real world application

etc etc etc


Do the Redacted project in Ruby and complete the Great Work assignments.

Do the Mini Linter project in JavaScript and complete the extra assignments.

Do the Scrabble Score project in Python and add the list of 100 tiles in the real game to the project. Complete the project so that it validates words being tested as possible or not possible in the game.


I have a few suggestions. As far as multiple languages go, offers multiple languages, but the cool thing is that you can try the same challenge with a different language.

I would look up a project with Minecraft and/or Raspberryi Pi. Sometimes it helps to have a project to integrate a number of these concepts.