Using Codecademy as a reliable Resource

Is it possible to add Codecademy as a resource on my Resume? I’ve completed the basic trials of several languages on Codecademy and wanted to know if I should add it to my resume to finesse it.

Unless you have gone through an Intensive track, I would think not. Free courseware is not certifiable, at least not in this frame of reference.


Roy is correct in that free Codecademy courses do not come with certificates of completion – that’s a Pro Intensive feature. That doesn’t mean you cannot or should not list them on your LinkedIn or résumé, in fact thousands of people do so. If you’re wondering whether this impresses employers or not, it depends what you are applying for – if you’re a designer, marketer, or product manager wanting to show that you have digital chops, it could be a great fit for that. In general, but particularly you want to apply for jobs as a professional developer, employers care about what you’ve built and how you’ve built it rather than where you learned your skills. In that case, add your skills under “skills” and link to your GitHub or portfolio so that people can see your work.


In my case. I’m trying to get into Software Developing or Software Engineering. Which is why I’m currently going to school to get my Bachelors in Computer Science. I’m also trying to get work experience as well to show potential employers that I understand basic concept and understand some of how the languages work within each environment and to pass on the experience that most tech companies or any company require.

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