Using CMD to find WiFi password

Hello everyone!

I am brand new to this forum, so I am very sorry if I do something incorrectly. I don’t mean to impose or anything like that.

Ok, moving on- I am trying to use the Windows CMD to find the wifi password for a network “Classroom Wireless”. However, because of the word “wireless” the CMD isn’t understanding. I type in the following command:

netsh wlan show profile Classroom Wireless key=clear

(this is just what I found online.)

When I do this for other networks, it works, but when I do it for Classroom Wireless, I get the following message:

There is no such wireless interface on the system.

Can anyone help me? It would be SO appreciated!


Given the name “Classroom Wireless” causes one to wonder if you have permission to access this password. can is far different from may.

I can’t speak for the actual command, I only recall looking at doing this once, and then just out of curiosity. However when I’ve had trouble with CMD and spaces in the past it’s often helpful to enclose the words you want as one argument in parenthesis. For example:

cd outer_folder\"folder with spaces in name"\inner_folder
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