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How Blocks Differ from Methods

ref the following code:

[“ryan”, “jane”].each {|string| puts “#{string[0].upcase}#{string[1…-1]}”}

I understand the output generated by this block but what confuses my is the last part: #{string[0].upcase}#{string[1…-1]} Can someone explain to me why the string array is passes it twice. what i see is string[0].upcase returns the first element in the array capitalized but then the string[1…-1] return the values in the array from the second value to the end… what am i missing. Keep it simple please.


This a string with interpolation which permits writing an expression into the output.


has no printable characters other than those resulting from the expressions.


is the first index of the string.

#{string[0].upcase} converts the first letter to uppercase.

#{string[1..-1]} (notice only two dots) selects all letters from the second to the last in the string.

mystring becomes Mystring.


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will do thanks, So if i am understanding you correctly, that “#{string[0].upcase}#{string[1…-1]}” is the same as calling a my_string.capitalize ?


Yes, that is correct.


is the same as,



Awesome, I might be getting this stuff after all!


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