Using backticks to format your code


for key in prices:
    print key
    print "price: %s" %prices[key]
    print "stock: %s" %stock[key]

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Just in case someone curious end up here and is wondering what is the backticks thing he is talking about, here is the trick:

Whenever you would like to paste code, since this forum supports Markdown syntax you can use three backticks before and after your code block like so:

def my_func(x):
my_var = 0
if x > my_var:
sum = my_var + x
print "Odelay!"
return sum

and it will retain proper indentation and even have nifty syntax highlighting:

def my_func(x):
    my_var = 0
    if x > my_var:
      sum = my_var + x
      print "Odelay!"
    return sum

The key to get a backtick character is highlighted in blue on this US keyboard layout:

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In case anybody's interested in slightly more complete guide than just showing how to use backticks to format code, there are two ways to format code:

1. Indent each line four spaces (can be done by highlighting code and pressing the </> button in the formatting bar)


2. Put three backticks (`) and a new line before and after the code:


Protip: If the syntax highlighting isn't very good automatically (it's usually pretty good, though), you can specify the language after the first three backticks:


And if you specify the language as text, it won't highlight anything :)

I hope this helps somebody!

Need help on exercise 6
Totally lost.. "Linking your HTML and JavaScript Files"
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How come every time i write the code it says "Oops, try again. Use the line $('.icon-menu').click(); inside your main function." when I'm doing the exact same as the example?
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Actors 1

Thanks @zystvan for the added content :smile:

I also keep this markdown cheatsheet handy!


i :scream: :scream: still need help i don't get it :scream: :rage:


Hey @pewdiepielover,

Copy/paste this into your post, and replace "code here" with your actual code :)

code here


A post was split to a new topic: Need help in the Flipboard lesson


I still dont get how to post your code


To format your code to make it visible:
1. Paste your code.
2. Select all of your code.
3. Do Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows) or CMD + Shift + C (Mac OSX) to format your code.


1. Paste your code in.
2. Insert 3 backticks (`) before and after your code:

Code goes here

Link me
Help on The Big If
How is everybody doing help
Else Problems, I Feel Bad for You, Son
Yep, Font Problem

thanks @jibblyj i think i got it


Hello everyone :smile:

How to insert code into a post: put your code between back quotes ...
How to add back quotes ?

Or click here to watch the video

Option 1: On your keyboard the key above tab

Option 2: type out your code, then select your code with your mouse/cursor then press Ctrl + Shift + C

Option 3: Type out your code select with mouse/cursor then click on the option preformatted text in CodeCademy toolbar

End result when you are typing out your code, in the right hand side box you should see code as well ..

I hope you found this useful, feel free to like, share ect

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Cant remember the code to change the font?
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Linking HTML and CSS
Trouble on neihborhood guides #5
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Can anyone help?
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I dont get it
Whats wrong with the code?
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I need help on lesson 8 whats wrong with mine?
What is wrong?
7. Neighborhood Guides: Images 2
Someone please look at this, i keep getting div thumbnail pop up that its refusing to let me move forward, what am i doing wrong
Stuck on section seven suporting content 2, HTML
Wrap with a div
I'm stuck, PLEASE HELP
Can someone explain how to take a screen shot?

YES! Useful!

I'm having problems with indenting, where I didn't before; this, indeed, makes life that little bit easier - and why not!
Thanks for the tip.


Thank you! That's very helpful!