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I am using a Mac so I don't have ctrl and command O doesn't work


Mac's have control, don't they?

You could use vim instead of nano, if you're unfamiliar with vim, here are the absolute basics:

  • press i to enter Insert mode.
    in insert mode you can edit text like in a "normal" editor
  • esc to leave insert mode
  • type :wq for Write and Quit, followed by Enter


Just to confirm, control + O works just fine in nano on my MacBook.


I'm going to be getting a Mac soon. Is there a lot of compatibility issues with coding, or will I be fine?


From what I understand you won't have access to an official repository like those of major linux distros.

Other than that and not exactly being FOSS, things look pretty and if it's a laptop then Mac is where battery life is at

It's unix-like, so it should be more comfortable than windows.



Sounds good. I'm excited to finally rid myself of these ever worsening Windows updates...


What's so bad about windows updates that isn't present in a mac? :o


Nothing other than personal preference. I was in love with windows 7 and the entire aero theme, then things started getting weird for me and I just don't like the feel of windows anymore.

The look and sleekness of os x and the mac itself just makes me feel good inside, if that makes sense, haha.


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