User of 1 month: question

Hello, i joined this website over a month ago and i have finished the course “learn how to build websites” which focusses on hmtl and css.
Overall i have been happy with my membership, but before i move on to another course, i would like to practise more and do more exercises.
I did the ones included in the course and also the ones under “practice” on the homepage that focus on html/css, but that’s really not that much, so i’m wondering if there are more to be found on this site that i’m overlooking?
Definitely some subjects -for example using grids- aren’t tested that hard i think, so it feels weird to move on to something else.

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Hey @digital0677595534!
I’d recommend writing your own project in HTML & CSS so you can practice all the concepts you learn.

I find this helpful, because it will expose the weaknesses I have in my learning. And, if I don’t understand something, I can go back to the lesson and re-learn it.

If you try doing this, you will:

  1. Quickly learn if you actually knew the material
  2. Review the things you did learn
  3. Force you to think about problems regarding this code

This is something I’d recommend as a general rule if you’re learning new concepts in coding.

Hope this helps!

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If you are interested in Web development I suggest following the web development path.

Especially the Javascript courses which are part of this path are very interesting and quite the challenge sometimes :wink: .

I thoroughly enjoy it!


Thanks Jannes.
I was actually going to do the javascript courses, but i didn’t want to move on before i got really comfortable with hmtl/css first, which i feel i need more exercises for.

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Thanks to you too, Steven.
I have learnt the most from trying to do projects like Colmar and Tea Cozy etc that are offered in the skill path, because that is what works best for me. Getting an exercise, try to solve it and then afterwards compare with the solution code.
My question was if there are more like this offered on the site because frankly doing your own project like you suggest is not something i got “pro” for.


Right, I see what you mean. I thought you were more asking if there was a way to practice the coding you learned even when there aren’t any projects left to do.

Like Jannes said, then I would recommend doing the web development path.


Thanks for the insight.
I am new at this and it didn’t feel right to already move on, but since I’m out of exercises and you two suggest the new path, then that’s probably what I will do.