User interface error message

Greetings from sunny London, England. I am undertaking the Ruby online training and I have encountered a problem with the user interface not the coding. The attached image explains the issue. The error message says:
“It looks like you didn’t print each word from the user’s text to the console.”
As you can see from the attached image, this is not the case. I input three words in sequence: hello lovely world, pressed enter and then entered asd. These were then output to screen. All input has been output. So the error message is not correct. I am not able to continue through the tutorial unless I request the answer or solve this issue, which I do not think is a coding mistake. I have also changed the puts to print and I have logged out of the tutorials and logged back in again. Any help appreciated.

We’re missing the screenshot. Please post it in a reply, as well as a link to the exercise page (copy the URL in the location bar).


Hopefully screenshot attached.

Here is the url

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It may be that the SCT is not expecting that last line?

print redact

Try removing and see if the lesson passes.

Thank you

line removed but same error message

print "#{word} "

will add the space between words, BUT, that may be the problem. The SCT may not be expecting spaces.

Just FYI: I reset my lesson, and replicated the error. It is the space causing the issue. :wink:

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Thank you.
. " " removed and no error message and can progress

Is this a coding error or an error of the online environment?

If the latter, to whom do I address the issue?

It’s just the SCT (Submitted Code Tester) for this lesson being limited to exactly what was asked for. It makes sense to add a space between words, but the lesson developer didn’t account for it in the SCT. You can click on the “Get Help” icon at the bottom right of the screen, and submit a bug report if you like, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything changing. You’ll find similar “nit picky-ness” in future lessons. We just deal with it, and move on. Happy coding!