Use single quotes gives the correct result but is unable to complete exercise

In this exercise when I use single-quotes for image src , it gives the intended result but the exercise is showing it is wrong and doesn’t allow me to go to the next exercise.

Please look upon this issue.

At last I had to use double-quotes to go to the next exercise.


This is probably due to standard. Though single quotes work in HTML typically double quotes are recommended. This pairs with Javascript’s single quote standard, as then you don’t need to escape and HTML double quote.

As far as I know when it comes to HTML, it’s always been double-quotes, whether you are using them to link an external css or js files to your document even an image. I don’t think there is any “standards” when it comes to double or single quotes on attributes. But I’ve used different sources and platforms to learn HTML, for example on w3schools they teach you that the syntax for an image is :

<img src=" url " alt=" alternate text ">

Another fact is that most browsers use double quotes by default. While single quotes might work most of the time, I believe its good practice to use double-quotes when writing HTML.