Use Python to Automate simple Tasks


I just finished the Python 3 and the Data Science Course on Codecademy.
I love Python and i want to try to automate some simple Tasks (create a Folder, Upload a file to a Website, copy from a file…).
Right now I use CodeCademy and Jupyter Notebooks. Can you point me in an direction for further learning to automate?

Thank you for all Tipps and Resources!


Have you checked out Automate the Boring Stuff with Python? It’s an excellent book on how to get started automating all sorts of different things. Some of it might be material you already know since it goes over a quick recap of the Python language basics in the first few chapters, but there’s still plenty to learn from this book.

Also, if you’re mostly using Jupyter notebooks to write and run your code, I’d suggest you get comfortable with writing in an editor (such as VS Code, etc.) and running those scripts from the command line.

Good luck, and happy coding!



For anyone who is looking to read :arrow_up: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python :arrow_up: for free, just scroll down to the Table of Contents section of the page and you can click on any chapter. You do not need to purchase the book unless you want to read it in print.

Your local library might also have it in print, so you can check there as well.


This is the way. Additionally the author of the book will come onto reddit or other social media platform and have a Udacity or Udemey Course for free if you need guided practice. It is great for those like me that have difficulty with dyslexia


This is the way.