Use of singular and plural names for functions,etc


Hi, I would like to talk with you about a topic.
On many occasions I have problems in my own codes as of other student friends, due to the use of nomenclatures in the plural and singular.
In fact this has led me to stop using them if I can.
Names of functions, variables, etc. such as:
Number / numbers
Student / students
I try to use names in the singular and if it is not possible I list them:
Or try to look for very different names:
This made me very easy to write code without so many errors.
A friend who works as a programmer told me that in his company they take very seriously what names to put the functions and variables, etc.
I also recommend reading the book: clean code.
What do you think of this?.
Do you use a system to better implant the names?
All opinions will be welcome.

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