Use of HTML Headings

Hi CC community. I have a question about headings. They seem like a simple idea, but I’m still not sure how to fully use them. In the exercise I just finished (a faux blog), headings are used for multiple things including the blog author (skipping from h1 to h5). This confuses me as I thought heading levels shouldnt be skipped. Is there a better semantic tag that can be used in this case or is a heading the best? Any help would be great!


Hello! Yes, you are correct in the fact heading levels should not be skipped. It can confuse screen readers and people using screen readers. However, if you haven’t done CSS (of if the path hasn’t taught CSS yet), then I don’t see another way of having small text styled in the way a header is styled.
I hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply, it does answer my question!

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