Use of 'Command Prompt / Terminal' on Codeacademy

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Working with Windows and installed Git Bash as well as Miniconda as per Codeacademy modules.
I am confused as to when to use Windows Terminal vs. Git Bash vs. Miniconda in practice and how Codeacademy refers to one vs. the other? For example: in Tutorial ( on setting up Python 3 reference is made to ‘command prompt’ – is this terminal, git bash or miniconda and how can I tell going forward for other instances where term ‘command prompt’ is used?

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I believe it is referring to the Python command line, which should have a sepperate app on your computer desktop. It can also be accessed through the terminal, usually by typing ‘python’ or ‘ppython’

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If you are using Windows, Miniconda will be automatically set up in Command Prompt (Cmd) when you install it.

So in short:

  • use Command Prompt for Conda and Python
  • use Git Bash for practicing your command line and Git skills

If you really love Bash rather than the Windows command line, you could download Python by itself and add it to your Git Bash path. You could probably also do this with Miniconda (haven’t tried it myself), but since it is already on Cmd it is easier to just use it there.

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Thank you both @8-bitgaming and @el_cocodrilo – this clarified it!

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