Use of arrays


I just want to know the importance and the use of learning what a jagged and two dimensional.

Is there a use for it? If so what are they used for?


In computer science, a jagged array, also known as a ragged array, is an array of arrays of which the member arrays can be of different sizes,[1] producing rows of jagged edges when visualized as output. In contrast, C-styled arrays are always rectangular.[2]
Arrays of arrays in languages such as Java, Python (multidimensional lists), Ruby, Visual Basic.NET, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, and Atlas Autocode are implemented as Iliffe vectors.

An array keeps track of multiple pieces of information in linear order, a one-dimensional list. However, the data associated with certain systems (a digital image, a board game, etc.) lives in two dimensions. To visualize this data, we need a multi-dimensional data structure, that is, a multi-dimensional array. A two-dimensional array is really nothing more than an array of arrays (a three-dimensional array is an array of arrays of arrays).


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