Use Effects and Timeouts

I would like to know if Use Effects and Timeouts like we did for the Passing Thoughts Project is usefull to create a scheduler for thousands of entries and long effective dates (months in advance). Is this effective?

If not, which alternativas could be useful?

Nuno Losada

I haven’t done this project, you might be able to use some of it, but what you describe is something far more extensive.

The important thing to understand is that Javascript (and thus react) run in the browser, everything is forgotten once the user closes the website

The user is very likely not going to keep your website open for months on end.

furthermore, so many records would take up an awful lot of memory.

To accommodate what you want, you will need to introduce a back-end (with database), where you can store (and persist) these entries.

And then I still wouldn’t load everything into the browser/front-end in one go, very likely use pagination and filters.

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