Use classes to add class


so what am i doing wrong; Oops, try again. Did you remember to give your .friend class a border of 2px dashed #008000?

my html is

	<div class= "friend"> hey ya'll </div>

	<div class ="family"> hey yall </div>

	<div class = "enemy"> you man</div>


and my css is

/*Add your CSS below!*/
div { height: 100px; width: 100px;
border-radius: 100%; border: solid 2px; text-align: center;

div {
display: inline-block;
margin-left: 5px;
#friend{ border: 2px dashed #008000;


your divs css selectors (i don't understand why you have 2 instead of 1) are missing some closing curly brackets (}), and if you want to select a class, you should start with a dot (.), number sign (#) is for selecting id's