Usage Funnels

–Get familiar with table
Select * from survey
limit 10;

–What is the number of responses for each question?
select question, count(user_id)
from survey
group by question;

–Examine the first five rows of each table
select * from quiz
limit 5;

select * from home_try_on
limit 5;

select * from purchase
limit 5;

–checks what the user tried on at home , purchased and number of pairs
select q.user_id,
h.user_id is not null as ‘is_home_try_on’,
p.user_id is not null as ‘is_purchase’
from quiz q
left join home_try_on h on h.user_id = q.user_id
left join purchase p on q.user_id = p.user_id
limit 10;