Usage Funnels with Warby Parker

this my code of this project

and presentation file or project assignment

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From looking through the code/results, this looks good! Just with the last screenshot, the ; is on a line all by itself (at the bottom of the code).

Hello everyone! :wave: :blush:
I would love to share with you my presentation, and I’d appreciate your feedback about the results.

Do you agree with my findings?
Do you find it logical?
Or maybe you want to correct something?

Feel free to reply. :arrow_heading_down:


Hello @ivtcaplin7896913170, welcome to the forums! I think you’ve set your slideshow out in a very logical and interesting manner, while your visual aids (the graphs, especially the one with 20% drop and 25% drop on them), made understanding your conclusions easy. The code also looks good!

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Thank you, @codeneutrino, for your kind words!
And special thanks for welcoming me to the forum :grin: :hugs:

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Just finished this project a few days ago and was taking a look at how other people did the project too. Was wondering what software you used to make your cool infographics? It looks really professional!

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Dear Joyce,

Thank you for your kind words about the presentation. (and sorry for the late response).
I usually use PowerPoint to create a presentation. But also, you can use Canva and get inspiration from templates.
Don’t forget that practice makes perfect :wink: :blush:

Good luck with your learning journey!

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Hy Guys,

please find below my presentation.
I would really appreciate if you provide me with your feedback, suggestions, etc.

Do you agree with my findings?
Do you see any flaws?



very impressive, love the cool-looking slides as well.

I am just finished my project, thank you for this guide line

Hi everyone :wave:,

Here is the link to my Warby Parker presentation: SQL_Usage Funnels_Warby Parker.pptx - Google Drive

If you could please share with me your comments on my:

  1. Code/queries: Are they correct? Can they be made better?
  2. Answers/conclusions: Are they correct?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :hugs: :call_me_hand:

Hey Everyone,

It would be greatly appreciated if you can have a look at my Warby Parker presentation for Usage Funnels and let me know your feedback on queries and analysis.

Thanks in advance!

Hello everyone,

here is my ‘Warby Parker Marketing Analysis project’.
I hope it might be helpful.
Let me know your thoughts about it.


Hello everyone,

Here is my data analsis on Warby Parker.

Warby Parker - Data Analysis with SQL

Let me know your comments,

Was struggling a bit with task 6, your code was clean elegant and helped me understand where i went wrong in a sec. :raised_hands:

Hello everyone,

Please check my project for the SQL Skill Path on usage of funnels, you can download the pdf presentation at my github link below, there is also the jupyter notebook for the funnel and histogram plots in plotly.

Thank you and best regards.

Jose Luis Garcia Tucci

I just begin this project. Just wonder what is the fair amount of time to complete this project and the presentation? any comment?

@atesoniero - What program did you use to make all your tables and funnels? They look really nice! I would love to know how to make my charts look that great.