Usage Funnels: Warby Parker Project

My project! Will be accepting feedback!


Hi @h1lo, thank you for posting your project!
I also did this project awhile ago when it was part of a CC SQL Intensive last year. It was fun! Did you happen to look at Warby Parker’s site at all? Since this data capture, they have changed their quiz questions and they no longer offer 3 pairs for home try on.

Anyway, Good work! Everything is understandable and follows a flow about how you reached your conclusions.
I also chose a very basic template slide design b/c I didn’t want it to be too busy. You want your audience to focus on the results not the background images or fonts. I think it’s beneficial for data analysts and scientists to read up on storytelling with data & what makes a great presentation too. Because we are storytellers. So that’s something to keep in mind. Concerning visualizations–if you’re familiar with Tableau, (they have a free public version of the app) I recommend looking at how some of those data people created visualizations and presented their data. Some of them are really fantastic and inspiring. I’m always looking for inspiration.

Also, I know the assignment asks for us to “show out work” (SQL queries), but if this were the “real world”, we most likely wouldn’t have those on the main slides but compiled in an appendix. A mentor had told me, ‘know your audience’ and ‘less is more’ b/c you’ll most likely be presenting technical information to a non-technical audience. If they want to see your calculations and queries or methods, you can always direct them to your appendices & answer their questions.
I think that’s one of the crucial skills for data people–know how to present highly technical information to non-technical audiences.

Good job! :partying_face:
Happy coding!

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Wow! Thanks so much for this feedback! Glad to hear I did a good job! Was pretty nervous honestly.
What’s an appendix?

I can understand being nervous about posting code. I get like that sometimes too. (I think everyone does to an extent). But, I do think that it’s one of the best ways for us to improve upon our skills.

Appendix is just additional slides you can put at the end of your presentation after your conclusion(s) and recommendations. Additional discoveries that you thought were interesting but not necessarily in the scope of your project, or, your data calculations, more in-depth technical stuff that you didn’t include but did discuss in your presentation.


Thanks. One more question, do companies prefer having all the information or just the important parts?

It depends on what the scope of the project is you’re working on and the business requirements. Those are things that you’d discuss with business analysts, product managers and product owners I would think too.

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