Usage Funnels Warby Parker - Luis Lopez

Hi everyone!

Here is my Warby Parker project. It contains three files, a presentation, spreadsheet document and the query that I use to get the data I was looking for.

I will highly appreciate any feedback you can provide :slight_smile:.

Thanks community!

Hi Luis,
I’ve completed this challenge not too long ago so it’s still fresh in my head.
I liked your presentation, simple and easy to follow. Nice comparison on the 3pairs vs 5pairs.
One thing regarding the completion rate of the survey queries, I think you could have elaborated a bit more about the reasons for the drop in the rate for Q3 and Q5 (not sure if you actually tried the survey… I did just to get a feel for it). I thought that for Q3, one possible reason for the drop could be linked to how the options are presented to the visitor - the sketches may mislead the visitor to think that WP has only one type of material for the frames. As for Q5, possibly some people are not willing to disclose that information or think it is not relevant (maybe they only want glasses to look cool :stuck_out_tongue: ).
One other thing would be to add additional queries to check what were the most popular models, colors and prices.
Again, nice work… and as they say… happy coding!