US Medical Insurance Project

Hello! Here is the link my project:

Please provide with any feedback or if there is something I could have possibly added. This took me about 5 hours. Any feedback would be helpful. I’m trying to learn programming for an analyst role at the doctor’s office I work for. I also just want to pick up programming for my IT roles professionally as well.

Edit: I know using some external libraries would probably be best but since that hadn’t been covered in the course yet I decided not to bother learning that just for this project. I actually plan on coming back and making changes to this project later on down the path.

Congrats on completing the project. And, yes you will return to this project when you learn Pandas, etc.

  • I like the way you clearly plot out what you’re looking into–your data questions, then the code and the conclusions. People can easily follow along.

  • Perhaps add a sentence in the readme file or at the top of the notebook about the data source.

  • I know in the stats part you calculate for the median values of charges, but maybe add that earlier on (as well). There are some outliers in the data and that’s going to pull/affect the means.

  • what does the correlation coefficient mean? (for the non-data people who you might be presenting the info to). Maybe add a quick blurb about it so it makes more sense(?)

Good work!