US Medical insurance project

Looking for feedback on this project.
I found it slightly frustrating as it is a step back from where I was in the data science path before the change in the path. Overall it took about an hour and half. Let me know your feedback.


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Hi Cletus,

This is a wonderful solution! Sorry to hear that you felt like it was a slight step back from the material you were on in the data science path. I would love to offer a few suggestions to expand your project further!

  • Use matplotlib to visualize some of the data you have been playing around with.
  • Perform regression analysis on the different prediction variables (age, sex, smoker status, etc.) to see which factors have the biggest affect on a patient’s medical cost.
  • Apply other machine learning techniques on the dataset.

These are just some possible ideas, but remember that this is YOUR portfolio project, so you are free to apply whatever creative ideas you want!

Hope you enjoyed the project and are enjoying the career path. I am happy to answer any other questions about this project or the data scientist path in general. :smile: