US Medical Insurance Project (Please give feedback)

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The project was very lengthy. Many times I had to go back and rewrite functions that best suited the analysis I was trying to make. It took about 4 days to finish. If you can give your feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!


Github url:

Hi jcaques,

First off, this was a cool read! I loved how thorough your analysis was; it is definitely inspiring and I will definitely be adding a lot more to mine to beef it up. Since there is a lot to cover, I do have some high-level feedback for you. Hopefully, it is helpful.

  1. You should quickly spellcheck your whole report when you are able. At the end of your second line of your report under your title, for example, you write “analyzation” instead of “analysis.” Simple stuff like this should be easy to fix.
  2. It might be a good idea for you to learn Markdown. This link here might be a good start, but you might be able to Google an even better introduction into Markdown. For context, Markdown is a simple formatting language used by the text boxes in between your code blocks (and most README files). It would help, for example, to use `` to surround variable names so they look like this. That way you don’t have random italics and bold words mixed up in your text.
  3. If you could add more headings so that your report is more organized, it would make a whole lot of difference. Small structural aspects like that would make your report so much easier to read!
  4. Your code looks super solid. Props to its readability! My only feedback for it is that if you have a print statement in the middle of a codeblock and under that is more code, split that into two separate codeblocks. That way, on the Jupyter notebook, the output from that print statement will be right under it. For example, your last codeblock can be split into two after the first four print statements you make in the middle. Hopefully the way I worded that made sense.

That is all I have. Props to the project! It looks fantastic and I hope you continue to put more content out like this in the future. :slight_smile: