US Medical Insurance Project: Feedback

Hi all,
My code looks a lot different than others I have seen. I stayed away from fundamental python functions and classes for the most part. It seemed super time consuming for the answers that could have possibly been sought. Maybe you have different suggestions for me. Thank you for taking a look.

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You did some solid work here! Using NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn was a good move as far as generating visuals. I didn’t think of that in my own project.

I see what you mean in that using built-in functions of these modules to get things like averages is a useful tool. I created a function in my own project that returned a correlation coefficient of two variables. While writing it, I thought that there is likely a built-in function to do that somewhere. It was a good learning experience anyway! I’ll have to get more familiar with Numpy and these other modules for my own experience.

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Thanks Jon. It seems I learned a lot of Python backwards. I never started with the basics so the visualizations and use of other libraries is more familiar to me than functions. I should really find more projects to get a handle on classes and functions. Every time I write them, I find myself looking up the structure to get things right. Some of NumPy and other libraries remove the need altogether. If I want to move beyond just fundamental analysis and visualizations though, I need to work more on functions and classes.

Oh okay! That makes sense. I have to reference for structure with classes. I need to get better at the classes and probably could have used them in my own portfolio project. I got a bit lost in that section of the course and had to look up other resources to figure out why they were needed.