US Medical Insurance Portfolio Project

Hey this is my first contribution to the codecademy Projects, i´ve worked with pandas and plots before in similar courses on Data Science so i didn´t want to use Phython lists and dictionaries,
I´ve compiled a short summary of findings on the Dataset and would appreciate any feedback.

Congrats on completing the project.


  • You can utilize the file to cite where you got the data from and a brief description about the data set.

  • At the top of your notebook you could also lay out the initial items that you wish to investigate.

  • Be careful making claims & using terminology like this: ‘The average patient is obese with a BMI > 30 and around 25% of Patients are severly obese with a BMI > 35’, for a number of reasons–bmi is a sketchy number to begin with (ins. companies use it to charge ppl higher rates) and not an accurate measure of one’s overall health b/c it doesn’t take into consideration a number of other health factors (bone density, muscle mass, etc) about individuals. Some research on the topic might be helpful here. You could rewrite your statement and make it more generic–'the avg. person in the data set has _____ characteristic(s)."

  • I liked the breakdown of the differences between smokers vs. non smokers and the vizzes.

Good work. Keep it up!
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