US Medical Insurance Costs Review

Hello All!

This the first time I have made a post on the forums so if I am writing like a noob, that explains why :grin:.
My topic question for this analysis was as follows: Which binary factor(smoker or sex) has a bigger impact on your total insurance charges?

This project was just right, it was a lot of fun to do and a great way to establish an entry-level Data Scientist mindset.

This project took me two days to do, with running analysis in python, using version control to track my changes, and writing notes/observations to make the most of my research.

Here is the link to my repository. I forgot to implement classes and functions for my analysis, but this should suffice. Along with a review of my actual python code/analysis, if anyone is knowledgeable in README files or other files that should be added to your repositories, could I get some more information/advice/tips on those as well. That would be most beneficial. Thanks!