US Medical Insurance costs - my response

Hi all,

Please find a link to my github below, I give more of a description of my thoughts and process in the readme.

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?
    It was fairly straight forward. I would say it depends on what level you want to operate on. I tried to keep it confined to the type of python code covered in the course up to that point (so Python fundamentals, essentially), but as I’ve seen elsewhere on the forum you could very much take it in a more data-sciency direction with more advanced concepts.
  • An estimate of how long it took you to complete
    3 - 5 hours, but could have done more or less depending, since it was so open ended.
  • The link to your code repo
    GitHub - TollyVellis/Healthcare-Project: Solution to healthcare project.


Mate that report is absolutely fantastic! It makes mine look like a 9-year-old.
Congrats! That was solid work and it shows!

Keep smashing it!


Thanks for that Gareth! Really encouraging to get comments like this :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at your code in return and see if I can’t give any suggestions.