US Medical Insurance Cost Starter Portfolio Project Review

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Hello! This is my first time creating a topic in a forum. I did my first starter portfolio project in my data science foundations skill path. It was fun and mildly hard!

It took me around 3 hours to get this done.

What do you think of my code? How well do you think I construct my code? Do my findings have sense to begin with? I am willing to take criticisms, so pleaseeee review my code. It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Firstly, congratulations on completing your first portfolio project! It’s great to see that you are seeking feedback on your work.

Looking at your code, it seems like you have a good understanding of the basics. Your code is structured well and easy to read, with comments explaining what each section does.

However, there are a few areas where you could improve. First, your analysis is relatively basic and could benefit from more in-depth exploration of the data. Consider creating more data visualizations to better understand the relationships between different variables.

Additionally, you could work on improving the accuracy of your predictive model by implementing more advanced techniques such as feature engineering and regularization.

Overall, great job on completing your first portfolio project and I encourage you to continue learning and improving your skills!

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