US Medical Insurance Cost - Python Portfolio Project - Seeking Review

Hi everyone!

I finished Python Portfolio Project and now I’m seeking your review, dear pears!
It took me in general 2 days, I find the hardest pats is scoping. I’ve decided not to use classes, cause I find them quite excessive for this project, so I have used ordinary Python functions instead.

Here is the link to my repo:

Any ideas on how to improve the code or what else can be added to this analysis will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Congrats on completing the project! Seems like you have a solid grasp on how to navigate in the data and write functions to sort it all out.

Another way to get the stats on columns is by using the .describe() method:


count    1338.000000
mean       39.207025
std        14.049960
min        18.000000
25%        27.000000
50%        39.000000
75%        51.000000
max        64.000000
Name: age, dtype: float64

You could also use .value_counts() to get the counts of values in a column:

insurance_regions = insurance['region'].value_counts()
southeast    364
northwest    325
southwest    325
northeast    324
Name: region, dtype: int64

And, if you wanted to break out the regions for comparison (or if you wanted to write a function to see if there’s any significance in the difference between the means, for example), you could use .iloc:

southwest = insurance.iloc[(insurance['region']=='southwest').values]
	age	sex	bmi	children	smoker	region	charges
0	19	female	27.9	0	yes	southwest	16884.924
12	23	male	34.4	0	no	southwest	1826.843
15	19	male	24.6	1	no	southwest	1837.237
18	56	male	40.3	0	no	southwest	10602.385
19	30	male	35.3	0	yes	southwest	36837.467

Just a suggestion. I think it’s good to know the various ways one can sift through the data.

Thank you a lot for paying attention to my project!
Your remarks are really valuable to me, I didn’t know about the methods you mentioned, but it seems really interesting and worth implementing to make the code neater.

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You’re welcome! I think it’s always good to know how to accomplish tasks in different ways. Personally, I’m always learning something new. :slight_smile:

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