US Medical Costs - Feedback on code efficiency wanted

Hi all! Thanks for taking a look at yet another US Medical Insurance Costs project. I spent about half a day on this. I didn’t find it particularly difficult, but like everyone I’m sure, I stumbled over areas where my understanding of what code does is incomplete and had to diagnose and fix.

I think there is a lot of scope to improve the efficiency of this with things like Pandas (which I don’t know well yet) and SQL but I decided to stick with the path and go strictly Python. I do envisage coming back and revising for these later in the course path.

What I’d really like is feedback on making my code more efficient. I am not looking for absolute maximum efficiency, I’m happy to use a few extra lines for more human-readable code, but I think there are probably still some opportunities to tighten things up. I had thought classes might be useful in streamlining the dictionary work but didn’t wind up using them, not sure if there was a missed opportunity there.

Anyway, thanks again for looking and for any thoughts. My repo is at GitHub - deslea/Portfolio-Project-1: Portfolio project - data analysis in Python. First Codecademy portfolio project. . Cheers.