US Census files. Need directions to get started

The US Census Data Cleaning Project starts off with no help to understand what names the .csv files are named under. I understand that perhaps we don’t know the file names, so I am reaching out to understand how to find the file names if they are not known or provided.

Here are the directions that I am finding hard to understand on where to find the .csv file names:

The first visualization your boss wants you to make is a scatterplot that shows average income in a state vs proportion of women in that state.

Open some of the census csv files in the navigator. How are they named? What kind of information do they hold? Will they help us make this graph?

Are the files named ‘csv.csv’? ‘census.csv’? ‘\w*.csv’? This first step is utterly confusing. I know the steps after, but I don’t know how to find the files to start.